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It Starts Again With ‘Hoorah’

The first episode of the third season of Rectify continuous on from where it left off.

Still in the conflicting mood between Teddy and Daniel in which Teddy admitted that he had never press charges on Daniel. From there, conflicts and griefs can be seen throughout the first episode. Daniel which have been summoned to leave the city within 30 days take the time to reflect on things and sadly, everything around him changes too.


The conflict he had with Teddy has been reflected on the whole family in which a feast for the family has only been attended by three person, including Daniel. Teddy unexpectedly crushed in only to inform the whole family about Tawney’s miscarriage. Having failed to lift up the mood of the feast, he decided to have a talk with Daniel and it was a nasty one.

Daniel later realized that he has to leave the family’s house and he has not planned on his next move yet. Meanwhile, Janet visited Ted at home to deliver the food left for Tawney without expecting to find out that there is a crack in Teddy’s and Tawney’s relationship. Tawney has left home for a few days and decided to visit her friend Beth in which she advises her to see marriage councilor to solve their issue with Teddy.


Daniel in his cold, expressionless self starts wandering around town looking for a place to stay and ended up in Amantha’s place. Amantha allows Daniel to live in but tell him that changes need to start by his own will and she can’t help with that. Daniel receives a sign contrasting to his vision of seeing himself being put in a death bed for his guilt.

Teddy, which finally able to talk to Tawney is suddenly angered knowing that Tawney has shared some of their issues with Beth and he does not seem impressed with the idea of seeing a councilor. The episode ends with a scene in which the Senator suffers a stroke while enjoying his time in a diner.

The first episode is filled with a gloomy, dark and moody scene. Not really a start that we all looking for but, it isn’t bad at all to start the intruguing tone for what about to happen next.


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